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PornHub! all hail the almighty one! the king of unfastened porn sites! regularly misspelled as "pronhub", "porhub" or "poenhub" with the aid of degenerates, it became founded in 2007 with the aid of matt keezer, who bought it to fabian thylmann in 2010, because the fucker probable cared extra approximately the money than the website itself. it became part of the manwin department, now known as mindgeek. different giants in the community consist of sites like youporn and redtube, and they also very own a shit-ton of top class websites like brazzers and virtual playground. porn hub ain’t the #1 most popular porn web page within the international, however it does have the most porn—almost 11.four million films, as of this writing! 

look, i’m now not going to jerk your chain around an excessive amount of. i’m pretty positive you’ve visited earlier than. perhaps you’re even one of the hundreds of heaps who've visited the web site today, as they do every day. hell, you’ve probable utilized the website online for forearm exercising sufficient that you can write your own evaluation, huh? because the king daddy of porn tubes, they set the instance that lesser tubes try to emulate. allow’s check some of the things that make pornhub what it is.